YouSee Play

Film and TV directly
on your phone and tablet

Explore YouSee’s collection of movies and tv-shows on your tablet, smartphone or in your tv-app. Stream directly on your device, or cast to your tv with AirPlay or ChromeCast.

With the YouSee Play app you can stream film and tv-series directly on your mobile devices. Or you can use the app together with Apple TV & Apple AirPlay, or ChromeCast and stream to a bigger tv-screen. 

Touchlogic has in many years been involved in the development of a broad section of the functions that are included in the YouSee Play app. Touchlogic has been part of the app from the time when the app included Movies & TV, Music, Home security, and much more. Film & TV was later developed as an app for itself, and its be the Film & TV app that Touchlogic has been involved with ever since.


YouSee Play: TV, Movies, Series on all devices.

 YouSee Play
 YouSee Play
 YouSee Play

Some of the features that are included in the YouSee App today: 

  • Live-tv - Bring all your tv-channels with you at all time, and watch tv whenever it suits you. 
  • Watch again - Watch your favourite tv-shows again and again
  • Tv-archive - check the tv-archive for thousands of new shows every week. 
  • Movies & Series - unlimited access to movies and series for the whole family with the newest titles every week. 
  • Children’s Universe - hours of movies and series for younger and older kids.     
  • Offline entertainment - a selection of movies for children can be seen without a connection to the internet.
  • Connect with Chromecast
  • 3D Touch on the tc-guide - this is only possible with Iphone 6 or the newest Iphone. 

Download YouSee Play here or through the two links below