Ravnsborggade 8b, 3. 
2200 Copenhagen N

T: +45 3151 3113
CVR: 31863147


About Touchlogic

At Touchlogic we develop apps from our office in the heath of Copenhagen. We develop apps for every Android and iOS unit - iPhones, iPads, watches and TV!

Touchlogic is an App company that is founded by developers. This means that the coding we do is of the highest quality, and that we can secure that your product is living up to the end-users expectations. 


Highest Quality

Every employee from Touchlogic is educated as a programmer and has about 10 years of experience. This means that we can secure that our customers are getting the best advice and the best product. We are in other words a little more techy that others

We always use the newest technics and we are up to date with the newest approaches in app development. That's why we can deliver a high quality of code and keep the maintenance expensives as low as possible. 


The customer is in focus

At Touchlogic we always have your needs in focus. We make sure the app follows your businessmodel, your needs and reason for wanting an app. This means that we adapt our advice in accordance with your needs. 

We deliver the app that you need by cooperating with you, and we advice you if possible changes in your app is necessary.


We can make your app

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