Wellcome to the blog

A blog for app developers, written by app developers

Hello we are Touchlogic — an app development firm from Copenhagen

We started in 2011 where the app marked was seriously starting to get popular, and a lot of danish companies started to see the possibilities that native apps had on mobile platforms. Back when iOS was not the market leader, Android was the popular choice, and particular parts of the platform had to be entered through private APIs. Back when every iOS app had to look like it was wrapped in faux leather, and the navigation on Android was connected to a physical button on the unit.  

Much have happened since then and this blog will also have a more current take on everyday problems that we as developers experience. This includes tips and tricks about the programs we use for app development, or analyses about the newest APIs, technics and technology that Google and Apple puts at our disposal. All in all something that is going to be interesting to read for Android and iOS developers. 

There is going to be about 1 post a month. Sometimes it’s going to be a technical post and other times it’s going to be a little more easy to read in the form of relevant infographics, comparisons or rapports from our internal Hack Days. 

Take a look at our first blog-post about ATS and the strict rules for https in iOS apps, which is going to be implemented from start 2017.