Touchlogic creates amazing products for all
iOS and Android devices. We design,
develop and test apps – and we would love
to build one for You!


Process for app development

A step-by-step guide to our work process


Workshop &

We start the process with a workshop session. Together, we will create a set of wireframes or an app prototype which can be used for proof of concept and as a great starting point for the rest of the project.



 Workshop & Wireframing

& Testing

During the production process, we make great use of the test capabilities Apple and Google have to offer. This ensures that you can follow the process closely throughout the production phase. Because of this approach, we can identify potential changes to functionality and usability early and thereby end up with a better end product.


 Production & Testing

Release &

During the release process, we will help you and make sure iTunesConnect and Google Play information is filled out in the best possible way. When the app has been released, we can continue to help you running maintenance services.

 release & Maintenance

4 Good Reasons

Why Touchlogic should develop your next Android or iOS app


Working On-Shore

Thanks but no thanks to offshore development with spaghetti code and language barriers. Touchlogic focusses on close collaboration with our customers, ensuring the best solutions and teamwork.


Your Needs in Focus

When working with Touchlogic, your goals will always be our focus. We will make sure to understand your company strategy, business model and rationale for developing the app and adjust our consulting and development approach accordingly.


Tools from Above

To make sure we can focus on what we are best at - developing great apps - we let others develop great tools to management. We use Git, Podio, Jira and other great programs to manage our projects.


Keeping Up-to-Date

We are always keeping up to date with the latest mobile development trends, processes and technologies – which means we always will be able to help you develop an app with a contemporary feel and look, using the newest platform features.